Am I ready to be a Lightworker?

Vaz Sriharan

  • Do you feel you want to start something but don’t know where to begin?  
  • Do you have low self esteem and self worth yet want to assist as a Lightworker, helping others?  
  • Do you continually ask yourself, Am I ready?  

Each soul has something to give to the whole that allows the whole to expand, and allows all others within the whole to expand — an inner and outer fulfilment. Yet we often become stuck because there is no current structure supporting individuals to do this. As pioneers we have to draw upon our own self-belief to do so, and push ourselves out.  

Whilst I have written this for Healers, Teachers in mind, this applies to any of us — in whatever endeavour we are involved in, as all assists the planetary consciousness when we express our being.  

Many of the issues we face as lightworkers is more about our inner soul’s desire to express and carry out universal destiny through our divine blueprint for this life. It’s when we deny this soul destiny that we create issues in our lives and we can hinder our growth.  

Currently as a Lightworker there isn’t any person or institution that will tell you, you are ready. Because we are pioneering an entirely new culture of work — the only person who says you are ready is You. Within a normal working environment, your boss would give you the promotion, or new opportunities.  

Here we have to create them ourselves.  

It is very beneficial for us to push our own boundaries and step outside of our comfort zone — this of course isn’t not comfortable….Its not meant to be!  

Yet it can herald incredible benefits for ourselves.  

Here we aren’t stepping out to prove anything to anyone, we are doing it for ourselves for our Soul to express what it desires to express.  

Ways we can Self Sabotage: Feelings of Unworthiness and Low Self Esteem Many mistake inner feelings of low self esteem as the reason for not beginning their work and self sabotage opportunities for stepping out.  

Self sabotage can affect us in many ways and we often use the idea of continuous self healing before beginning to work. Rather than seeing our inner struggle as the ultimate gift in actually assisting others the most. This is because you resonate the energy at which others also vibrate with — allowing for a communion to occur.  

The key to all Teaching, Healing of course is that we are continually Healing and Teaching ourselves in the process. There is an idea that those who Teach are empowered people who have dealt with all their s..stuff. However as a facilitator myself, and after meeting hundreds of facilitators through the work I do (and running the London College of Spirituality for 10 yrs) I’ve discovered one thing — we are all working through our stuff, always, in all ways.  

We all have insecurities, fears, doubts we are continually working through. The difference is not allowing those fears, doubts to control you; and using higher wisdoms of love to drive you forward. This then works to transmute those fears as you step out more and more. We have highs and lows as this is a natural part of life, and is also part of the journey. There is no enlightened spiritual teacher who is ‘perfect’, in our cultural definition of what perfection is.  

People want you for you and no other reason. In fact the more vulnerable you are with your fears, doubts, struggles, the more you can reach in this new consciousness.  

Following this path feels like a struggle, this doesn’t feel like Joy. Am I not meant to follow my Joy?  

Joy is often misunderstood as a blissful state where everything is singing and humming like a Disney movie. It can certainly be like this at times! However life is a seasonal movement through cycles. And in order to get to our Joy can take a struggle.  

It is the struggle that gives us Strength.

Strength is so important to life as it is the anchoring of our power on the physical plane. Just as with the story of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon: If we help this butterfly by breaking the cocoon, the butterfly doesn’t struggle through giving it the strength it requires to then fly and emerge into its new reality with the necessary power it needs to survive, and thrive.  

Following our Purpose can often bring up resistance.  

It is important to look at this resistance as an energy that we are here to move through. It is simply fears, doubts that naturally occur to counter the drive we have in moving forward. It isn’t out to get us, or even stop us.  

It is neutral in its energetic state until we give it a polarity.  

In other words, do we allow it be negative and control us, limit us?  

Or do we see it as a positive benefit of showing us we are now developing courage.  

True courage is not about having Zero fears, it is having fears and moving through it anyway. And Courage is required to move through your resistance.  

As well as Discipline. Here is a time to muster your own warrior/goddess energy — the energy that gives you strength — and move through, for yourself. Break your own limitations and boundaries by experimenting  

All Life is Experience: There is only continued success On the path of stepping out there is no failure. The idea of failure and rejection can keep us locked in an illusionary prison. Each experience teaches us something. Its important we move our consciousness and awareness from trying to prove ourselves to others, to manoeuvring ourselves into greater and greater states of expression and creation — for ourselves.

Some things will work and flow, some things will not.  

We cannot know what we are good at without trying and experimenting and feeling into things. We fall, we get back up, we try something new. We blend and experiment and bring forth something different. We continue. Just as with children who play that game placing shaped blocks into the correct shaped holes on the board — they do not give up when it doesn’t work the first time. They keep playing. There is no failure from their perspective at this age, only experience.  

It is all an experience.  

And this is what we are re-learning, it is all an experience.  

There are many Soul Purposes that you have.

Work is always changing: There isn’t any clear distinct Purpose we have. It is always changing — as we change. It will always change, this is how our Soul loves to work. And if we can allow ourselves to change, so will the wisdom, love, knowledge within us and how we offer it to others.  

Understanding Your Gifts belong to the Whole Additionally and importantly, the gifts we harbour aren’t ours to keep.  

Truth, Healing Gifts belong to all and wants to be expressed and heard.  

It is the Wholeness seeking unique expression through you, back into Wholeness.  

There is always a training process for higher and higher levels of teaching yet we can all begin somewhere.  

And it is through the act of practising that we learn. Its important to have integrity when teaching From a greater perspective, each experience you have is assisting the Whole better understand itself just as it allows you to understand yourself.  


From this perspective the Whole needs us all to be the fullest windows we are to express our consciousness through. This dramatically assists the whole consciousness. Your Purpose of Expressing Who you Are on Planet Earth far outweighs any personal insecurity you may have in delivering them. This is why you are here, and this is what the Whole wants from you  


How Do We Know if we are Holding ourselves Back? Some Shadow elements can help us understand we are keeping ourselves back from Expressing. If you are feeling any of these, these are very strong indicators you are being called, urged by Spirit — your Spirit — to expand. Remember the Shadow isn’t something to be ashamed of, its inherent within us all. Its actually beautiful once we understand its purpose — and we all know if we are feeling these!  

You attend a Workshop or Session and are more interested on observing the Facilitator, observing them with wonder, admiration or contemplating how you would do things differently, better. Here you are focused on the Facilitator rather than the Content. This place of interest in your observation says everything about where your interest truly lays & where your Soul is asking you to go.

They inspire you on mammoth levels. Look at them, walking their talk. Living their truth. Embodying their Soul Purpose....I wish I could do this too...

You tend to view those in life who are confident or extrovert as being ‘in their ego’ (esp in the field you are interested in). This is the shadow reaction to our own inner ego that isn’t being nourished — or we wouldn’t react.

You unconsciously or consciously are competitive with those who are embodying their soul purpose (esp in the field you are interested in). Possibly finding fault in what they do to compensate inner feelings of inadequacy — this is the shadow letting you know you want to teach! And also that you want to express in your own way. Here a part of you is being unfulfilled and wants to express More.  

The shadow teaches us everything and is actually trying to help us. Its critical that we listen to this voice as the energy in scrutinising others neither helps us nor them. Its where we begin to take responsibly for our own thoughts, emotions and recognise the true power of them  

As above, there are usually money beliefs that are associated used to self sabotage our development in a similar way — how we do know? We know from our reactions, judgments of others who do the polar opposite. Reactions tell us we have an energetic link with that belief that is polarised — this shadow reaction dissipates as we understand what is underneath desiring to be heard.  


You are Here to BE You: 

Finding your Passions This energy of who you are, is all that is needed. There is no need to become the mainstream ideal of what is seen as successful — largely a ‘confident, extrovert, marketable’ individual. Simply be yourself. The New Consciousness supports this in every conceivable way. Because the Universe wants you to be You. You.  

The entire collection of wonderful personality traits, loves, passions, insecurities, thoughts, feelings that make you up — this is what the Whole is calling you to be, and through recognition of this takes you on a huge powerful inner healing journey. Finding where to begin can seem like a very complicated chaotic mix of ideas. Yet this only happens when we think linearly. Life is multidimensional. All choices we take will naturally bring towards it the opportunities from other so-called decisions that will benefit us.

 So really it is about making a choice and being ok with that choice. Procrastination is another illusionary self sabotage method, it tells us there is a right and wrong choice in life. Again back to the failure (polarised) ideology.  

There is no wrong choice, only experience and each one opens up something different. In other words, it doesn’t have to be the perfect aligned choice that is our perfect passion — in fact it rarely ever is. There is no perfect passion that gives us total fulfilment forever. There are gateways. This is the key. Any gateway will lead us into synchronicity, magic, opportunities that we had no idea we even wanted or desired. We can only know through experience. And through whatever gateway we choose, all opportunities are drawn to us. If one person is positively affected, moved, expanded, inspired by what you express or do — you have powerfully brought an expansion to someone else’s life. Isn’t this a gift in itself? This is sacred beyond words.  

Let go of the need to help hundreds or thousands, this is a western idea of success (in numbers). One person is more than enough, and see what happens from there. Express who you are and that energy is the most important vibration that is going out. ​​Our Destiny follows us everywhere. It will nudge at us and be pivotal within all areas of our life — from our relationships to our health. Your destiny is what drives you, what elevates you, what expands you. It is why you are here — you are here to be You.  

And being you isn’t just about healing your self, it is about creating & being your Self.  


Creation is Life. Is it in your life? Creation walks had in hand with Expression. When you Express, you Create and when you Create, you Express. You are expression in form. And it is into the Form that we express. What does mean?  

Taking Action….  

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Vaz Sriharan

Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. He has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. He has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and is passionate about continuously evolving the way we work. Today he works in a number of fields from healing to community work.  

Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions and author of Infinite Being.