Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure

with vaz sriharan & adya nova

2nd - 8th June 2019

mt shasta, california

We warmly welcome to experience the Magic of Mt Shasta, and make life-long friends with our Community-based vortex adventure!

Held at Lake Siskiyou, Mt Shasta, California – led by heart-centered ascension guides Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova and their fun loving other worldly buddies! 🙂

Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure is a hybrid between a retreat and vortex exploration – so you can have the best of both worlds.

We are offering a unique space for you to joyfully open to the Magic in life – from healing, growth, inner love to tapping into unseen abilities, expanding your light body and strengthening your higher consciousness & connection to Source.

Come and experience this fun adventure with your Tribe…. Leave Radiant, with your Soul nourished on every level, Luminous, a deep feeling of inner Stillness, Peace, Love, connection to the Earth, the Universe… with an exquisitely expanded heart!


Hear from our Previous Participants...


 "Vaz and Adya's natural ability to offer such amazing knowledge and wisdom with the tangible positive energy they emanate is remarkable. It has resonated with me on a deep soul level and profoundly enhanced my own intuition and growth in my life’s journey.


They are fantastic hosts, extremely intuitive and deeply connected with the Universe. Completely themselves without ego and very humble. Their kindred spirits shine with genuine warmth and love. I have gained a great deal of natural insight and connection with myself and the universe through knowing these lovely souls and have gained some lovely friends along the way. Thankyou Vaz and Adya"