Shifting Your Reality 2018

16th - 22nd September

More Details - Sedona Retreat 2018

We are venturing to Sedona to utilise the magnificent portal energies here to Shift Your Reality. Through manifestation, crystallisation and transmission techniques, you will harness your intentions and amplify them with Sedona's magnificent energies. Finalising with the Equinox, these will be sent through the Phoenix Gateway.


Sedona, Arizona is a world renowned power spot and mecca for spiritual travellers. It is home to not one, but four extremely powerful vortices. A vortex is where the leylines of Mother Earth (her natural energy lines) meet at powerful crossings. These are beautifully designed for her own multidimensional connection and offering humanity an opportunity to do so too. 

Sedona is also said to be a flux point for inter-galactic travel for our Star Family. Here, it is used as another download point to offer humanity a higher consciousness. A reason why many Channellers locate around Sedona (& Mt Shasta).

Why Retreat Yourself with us?


A Retreat is a held high vibrational space for a continued period that will gift you a permanent positive upgrade, raising your vibration to access higher dimensions of Thought, Spirit, Creativity


Your frequency will change forever...The facilitators work to initiate a frequency shift…Releasing many blockages, limited belief systems & repetitive karmic cycles - amplified by the Mountain's high vibrational energy. 


Have access to the Facilitators’ guidance and loving presence throughout to keep you aligned to your True Self. Leave a renewed version of yourself. New Self = New Reality

Example Day

7.30am - 8.30am

(Free) Breakfast at Hotel

9am - 10am

Morning Session: Channelled Energy Transmission - Shifting Your Reality


10.30am - 1pm

Morning Session: Exploration & Ceremony at Sedona Vortex #1

1.30pm - 4pm

Exploration & Reflection Time / Time for Lunch

4pm - 7pm

Afternoon Session: Sound & Light Language Activation

Heart Circles / Channelled Teachings, Messages; Q&A 

7pm onwards

Dinner Time / Socialising / Integrating