Awakening Higher Consciousness 2018

10th - 16th September 


Mt Shasta

 Join us on a life-changing Vortex Retreat to Mt Shasta, California!

Led by heart-centered channellers Vaz Sriharan, Adya Nova & Himesh Gohil.


Are you seeking to transform your Path & Purpose? 

Are you seeking to explore what is so special about Sacred Earth Portals & Vortexes?

Are you feeling low or depleted with your energy or emotions? Needing to Rejuvenate on every level?

Are you seeking to meet other like-hearted souls to bond with, share stories and laugh?


  • Clear lifetimes worth of limiting beliefs, karmic cycles blocking you from Stepping onto your Path

  • Recharge, Rejuvenate at Shasta's power portals, releasing emotional & energetic burdens... Creating space for Clarity, Intuition & Spiritual Connection

  • Receive downloads of your Soul Blueprint - for your Path & Purpose, working with your Spirit Guides & Lemuria.

  • Slow stunning Forests, Lakes and Fields through Guided Meditations, Walks, Qi Gong, Movement.

  • Dissolve blocks to love, by opening up to your soul family in warm loving environments & exercises

Allow Vaz, Adya & Himesh to guide you through an entire transformational process. Each of these skilled Energy Channellers brings their unique way of working - to accelerate your growth process. To offer Compassionate heart presence. To hold space for you to become the BEST version of yourself....


Re-enter your life feeling Clearer about your Path & Purpose. Feel More Confident & Expressive about your path. Manifest synchronicities, magnetise opportunities.  This is the power of Earth Portals.


Raise Your Vibration...Leave feeling Emotionally, Spiritually and Mentally stronger, feeling more in tune with your higher consciousness. Feel Clearer about your Life Purpose, yes! Work with your Spirit Guides, Lemurians, Star Family & Ascended Beings to assist you in every part of your life.


Leave with a support group - friends who will be there for you throughout your journey. Souls to talk to, share with, cry with, laugh with. 

Experience the powerful transformative & very unique work of our facilitators - through:





 ....all held at Mt Shasta, California

What's Included:

- All Transformational Workshops, Transmissions, Sessions with 3 Channellers, Vaz, Adya, Himesh

- All Sacred Site Excursions

- All Bonus Experiences with Mt Shasta External Facilitators

- Accommodation (Optional)

- Transfers & Transport within Mt Shasta (Optional)

What's Not Included:

- Flights & Food


Lemurian Dream "High Priestess Of Lemuria"

channelled & painted by Facilitator Adya Nova

Lemuria is an ancient civilisation that is a huge part of Mt Shasta and its folklore. Mt Shasta is said to be one of the major mountains of this ancient land. Lemuria predates Atlantis and carries the Heart Centered vibration that is returning to planet Earth during these times. Many say that beneath Mt Shasta is the multidimensional city of Telos.