Awakening Higher Consciousness 2018

10th - 16th September 

More Details - Mt Shasta Retreat 2018

Mount Shasta is one of the most powerful sacred sites on the planet...


It is a place that draws thousands every year to pilgrimage to its transformational energy. Said to be the last risen mountain of the ancient civilisation of Lemuria, sacred to Native American nations as "heaven", and a multidimensional doorway for Galactic activity. 

Why Retreat Yourself with us?


A Retreat is a held high vibrational space for a continued period that will gift you a permanent positive upgrade, raising your vibration to access higher dimensions of Thought, Spirit, Creativity


Your frequency will change forever...The facilitators work to initiate a frequency shift…Releasing many blockages, limited belief systems & repetitive karmic cycles - amplified by the Mountain's high vibrational energy. 


Have access to the Facilitators’ guidance and loving presence throughout to keep you aligned to your True Self. Leave a renewed version of yourself. New Self = New Reality

Example Day

7.30m - 8.30am

Qi Gong, Prayer & Silent Meditation 

8.30am - 9.30am

Free Time / Breakfast Time

9.30am - 10.30pm

Morning Session: Mt Shasta 5D StarGate Transmission

10.30am - 1pm

Nature Power Spot Journey - Sacred Ceremony : Lemurian Awakening


1.30pm - 7pm

Exploration & Spiritual Reflection Time / Healing Circles / Growth Exercises

 (Time for Meals / Town, Shopping)


Heart Circles / Channelled Teachings / Q&A 

8.20pm - 9pm

Sound Journey / Movement Medicine

9pm onwards

Free Time, Campfire, Music, Socialise

Hear what Others say...

“Mount Shasta is an incredible place of deep journeying and insight into the soul.  As the gateway to higher dimensions, this is a special place consecrated with beautiful frequencies of the mountains and the light cities that reside below them.  My first trip to Mount Shasta Experience 2011, I must admit, prior to going, I was rather sceptical about the possibility of experiencing anything outside of my three dimensional norm.  It is suffice to say that everything has been transformed.  I mean EVERYTHING!


The basis of this experience took me straight into my heart space, and the point of attraction for my life has changed completely to become more heart-centered.  Life has unfolded very beautifully since then, and I am now re-creating myself and my life from the inside out, from the heart.

For those of you who have never been to Shasta before, I would say have no expectations, go with your feelings and go deeply within whilst you are there.  I would have never said any of these things prior to my visit to Mount Shasta.

Neel, participant, Mt Shasta 2011 & 2014