Free Meditations, Guided Visualizations & Healing Transmissions

We love to create beautiful immersive experiences that create the space for you to have a profound spiritual experience yourself, as well as Heal, Grow & Expand.  

On this page is a library of our free Healing Meditations, Transmissions & Guided Visualisations.

These are heart centering experiences for you to Connect to the Divine. All of the experiences are channelled - they bring a healing energy that works beyond the Mind. Take a journey into your Soul. 

What are you seeking?

Our wide range of experiences cover Spiritual Growth, Healing, Transformation, Connecting to Spirit Guides, Starseed Connections, Awakening Inner Peace and much, much more.

{ If you are interested in learning how to create and channel beautiful Visualisations yourself - explore our Lightworker Programme. }

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Your Words

"Vaz and Adya, it's hard to put into words what I felt but it was incredibly powerful - I felt very connected. Thank you both so much 💕💕"  

"The transmission was amazing, WOW! The Energy was so strong and powerful, very strong connection!! Beautiful experience!!! Thank you!!! :) Warm blessings xxx"  

"Adya and Vaz thanks so much for the transmission. I really wasn't sure how it was going to work at first, but I TRUSTed and just relaxed into it. And wow. I could actually physically feel the little vibrations all over my body. Thank you both 💖💖💖"

Morning Prayer

A Morning Prayer to connect to Spirit, Guides, Mother Earth and to bless our day ahead as we offer our gratitude for life before it has even begun. A prayer to Great Source and to ourselves. Namaste ♥

Chakra Balancing Healing Meditation

Take a journey through your Chakras, to Clear, Purify and Empower them. Working with each beautiful vortex, representing a different aspect of your Consciousness, this transmission brings you back into your current level of required alignment.  

Additionally activate each chakra to expand & download more of your higher consciousness.

Connect to Your Divine I AM Presence

Journey on a beautiful voyage to reconnect with your eternal Inner Divine I AM Presence. Experience the unconditional love of your Soul presence. Surrender to your inner Divinity and strengthen this Connection. This visualisation has been created for Divine Connection, Sacred Union, Healing, Peace & Awakening Inner Love. ♥  


This is a transmission to connect with the Ancient civilisation of Lemuria. This continent existed aeons ago as one of the Earth's first and most advanced species, both spiritually and technologically. Ancient Lemurians were Masters of Love and Heart Centered Living, and understood crystals to a high degree. They stored information inside crystals to be used for the awakening of these times (hence Lemurian seed crystals).

SIRIUS: Higher Truth Transmission & Cetacean Activation

Journey to Sirius - Journey through a Sirian StarGate to the Sirian civilisation and explore the unique advanced culture of your Sirian Star Family 

Receive Multidimensional 12 Ray Higher Truth Transmission: Meet the Sirian High Council of Avatars and receive a 12 streamed transmission of higher dimensional light language - downloading you with higher knowledge for your journey  

Receive an Activation from the Cetaceans (Dolphins & Whales) Awakening your Joy, Play, Effortlessness, all to take into your life for a path of ease, grace & flow

10 Miraculous Minutes

(Vaz) This message came through as I sat down to write one share for others and as always, for myself too :) Take 10 minutes and Meet the Miracle...You.  

10 minutes for yourself can equate to 10 months...allow Time to expand, Awareness to be your guide and take you on a beautiful journey...within. Enjoy

PLEIADES: Meet Your Pleiadian Family & DNA Vortex Activation

> Meet your Pleiadian Star Family - Awaken a Love beyond this plane, assisting you in Opening your Heart to Love in a far greater capacity > Polarity Healing: Allow the Pleiadians to assist in balancing your polarities within your belief systems > Receive a powerful DNA Vortex Activation. Awakening your galactic memories, giving you access to your Greater Story, Purpose & Direction

The Four Waterfalls

This visualisation has been created to help Clear your Energy Field from low vibrational energies you may have picked up from your environment, other people, conversations, emails, electromagnetic interference from devices, mass media. As well as from your own personal transitions that may still be in your field. As well as clearing negative energies and entities, attachments; and disengaging from the fear vibration in mass consciousness.

Healing Your Story: Divine I AM Transmission with Arcturians

This is a spiritual experience of immense love, pure wisdom and intelligence moving to awaken inner Soul Love.  

The transmission is a multidimensional form of Healing where Unconditional Love energies are channelled. A download of higher light, love, codes, wisdoms, frequencies pour over you and layer though your four bodies - Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. This then works to Cleanse, Bathe, Transform and Active our fields and consciousness with higher frequencies of light.

5D Choice & Higher Consciousness Downloads

During these times we are being asked to Choose to vibrate out to the Universe which reality we want to live in. This has been termed in many ways - the Two Timelines, Diverging Realities, 5D and 3D. Naturally as a planetary species ascends, that choice will become more difficult because the higher energies require more work to attain. However we are given this choice in each moment and if you desire it even 0.001% you will be taken on the journey towards it. This visualisation/transmission has been created to help anchor you into this higher loving frequency vibration.

Ascension Transmission: Angelic Cleansing & Higher Consciousness Downloads

Energetic Clearing & Cleansing: Of dense energies, from your environment & personal transitions. Many of us, especially sensitive/empathic pick up a lot during our lives. This is a space for beautiful letting go.  

Universal Frequencies: Collective Themes, LightBody Activations: Working with the Crystalline Grid (Planetary Light Grids) we will be consciously downloading current universal energies, ascension codes, higher frequencies, multidimensional codes that are available. These all assist with the current collective themes that are being faced.

New Moon

This New Moon Transmission is for Blessing our Intentions, Visions and Opening up the New Energies, New Beginnings available during a sacred new moon. (Super New Moons are amplifications of this energy)  

In this transmission we will be connecting to the Planetary Light Grids - also known as the Christ Consciousness Grid which surrounds the Earth - holding the frequencies of higher consciousness.  

Higher Realms: Journey Home

This is an extensive voyage & transmission to the Higher Realms channelled by Vaz Sriharan and featuring channeller Adya Nova.  

Be taken on a magical journey through the veil to meet your awaiting Star Guide. Experience this beautiful realm and voyage across to meet the High Priestess at the Grand Temple. Hear a message from the Priestess about your journey as she takes you to the next leg of your journey - into a protected realm which holds the Land of Timelessness.