Follow Your Fulfilment

Vaz Sriharan

What if you follow your Fulfilment rather than your excitement or passion?  

Is something stirring? It may be a yearning, a calling, a knowing, a feeling... A continual reminder from events around you... A whisper from within...  

"Express dear one...." "Shine your beautiful Light..." "It's know, its time..." It may be a nudging irritation at seeing others do what you wish to do  

"I can do that..." "I wish I could do that..." "I want to do that!..." All of these - All of these - wonderfully serve as divine guideposts signalling, you are ready,  

You are ready, for something  


For that is why you Feel. Why you Yearn. Why you Seek You are always ready, for something...fulfilling  

Following your Fulfilment involves discovering what Fulfils you - What Fills you  

This leads to both short and long term discoveries. It involves discovering parts of you that you didn't know you had, didn't know you wanted, didn't know what wishes to birth through you  

Reality of Following Your Fulfillments It will most likely initiate deep fears as well as excitement, passion, joy, play  

It will bring up your Shadow  

Belief systems you have taken on from your Environment, Family, Society Challenge your views on Money, on Worth, on who you are  

Yet these fears when overcome further assist the strengthening of doing what you desire to be doing Only to realise they were not your fears in the first place  

And to further realise your movement though them gives you experience to assist others in doing so too These fears are designed, they are brilliant. They serve your every move  

Here is a cycle of endless opportunity for benevolent growth and expression, sharing and healing, teaching and learning  

Practicality and Fulfilment Following your Fulfilment includes the practicality of Life.  

For when you pursue a dream here, you commit to something that involves all aspects of what it takes to embody that dream.  

The passionate excitement and the very real down to earth day to day practical grounded work - without which, nothing can be created.  

Here these elements, which are often referred to as administrative may not excite you at all, or bring any passion!  

Yet they are essential in their own way. they carry their own energy of non-excitement. Of bringing your energy here, now, earthed. And initiate focus and clarity of thought The Highs and Lows create Balance.  

More Than Passion or Excitement Your fulfilment is also much more than what you may be passionate about in any moment.  

It goes deeper  

To the core vibration of your divine mission and purpose(s).  

These are many purposes for each Soul, there is not a singular option. Yet from deep within your Soul will radiate an energetic clarion call, a specific frequency calling you to action. Through the cellular levels of your DNA, through your consciousness and playing music with your feelings, to stir something within.  

This song will tell you everything you need to know.  

Not through knowledge but through the intuitive river of feeling.  

Beyond knowing.  

Entering a far larger field - the unknowingness of All That Is  


Here you tap into your Higher Purpose, also known as your Soul Mission. Something that deep down you already know you are meant to fulfil, carry out. For this Fulfilment works both ways! For yourSelf and for All That Is...  

The Sacredness of your Mission far outweighs any personal insecurity you may have in carrying it out  

And your Mission, or Purpose, or Fulfilment is what is being asked of you - through you. In all cases it will serve you and others or animals or planet. All deeper fulfillments fulfil others in return - and by doing so, offer you even more fulfilment! Trust what fulfils you as being what you are here to offer. In other words, trust your feelings, more and more  

What You Need This song also works in absolute harmony with what you, as a soul, as a human being, needs and requires in your life  

You may need space in your life to devote to You..if you require peace, to rejuvenate, to heal  

Perhaps to train more, learn more, expand more Perhaps to travel more, experience more Perhaps creating a space to download new visions...  

You will know what you desire because that feeling is always there, nudging in the background Be aware not to discount it, or deny it. Instead allow it, see where it takes you.  

Does it evolve once IT is fulfilled?  

When the yearning for fulfilment begins to itself be fulfilled, an entire new frequency is reached & here begins a process of embodiment  

A realm where you begin to live from your soul path, soul mission, soul purpose. Something that isn't just defined by You.  

It involves the Greater You  

For a deeper Fulfilment involves letting go of what you think you are here to do; and dance a beautiful balance with stepping forward guided by your feelings, yet unknowing of where it is taking you  

So how do you know what Fulfils your?Your emotions guide you in all ways. And re

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