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Oct 4, 2017

My Experiences of Mt Shasta


Edited: Jul 6, 2018

We are going back!


Back to this beautiful sacred mountain which has changed my life in so many ways.


The first time I visited was back in 2003, just feeling the Call like so many others. As I arrived I saw the majestic mountain from the town – a sight that cannot be explained or reproduced from any photo. There is an energy, an aura that exudes from Shasta that is undeniable.


She is a Grand Ancient Consciousness and as we see her, we know – this is a sacred encounter. There is a deep feeling of Home. A memory of being here from ancient, ancient times. Possibly the Lemurian link I have been reading about.


For the next few days I experience an incredible transformation that lifts and releases so much of my denser energies (pain, suffering, limitations, belief systems) and I become free-er and free-er. I had read about Shasta before arriving yet I was not expecting the level of transformation that occurred.


Over the next week I underwent a complete spiritual and personal transformation – experiencing a peace I had never encountered before. It was real. It was inside of me. What I have found from my many journeys to Mt Shasta is that the mountain teaches us many things – one for me has been Magic.


That the magic we so seek in life is of course within. And this happens through a total release of energy, emotions, patterns which no longer serve us and a surrender, a total surrender to Spirit. She rekindles our Faith and strengthens our Connection – in the unseen, in magic, in the other realms which are all around us, assisting. For whatever reason when we are in Shasta we experience a reality that is so real, it makes the other reality we come from seem unreal. We realise what life is truly about – and that all this talk of unconditional love, divinity, the eternal nature of our true reality – is Real. We feel it. We become it. We embody it.



The Heaven that I felt following the transformation in this first week fundamentally changed something inside of me. I realised that these power spots on the planet are incredibly miraculous opportunities for us to experience the most profound transformations. I returned to London and began my spiritual work – which then involved writing articles. Shasta has this tendency to clear us to a level where we begin to find clarity in our path, which is why she is also known as the Path Weaver. She is known by many names.



For me she is also a Sacred Mother – a mountain that has guided me throughout my life, helped me set up the London College of Spirituality, assist me in emerging from depression, in finding my faith, in allowing me to tap into Heart Centered living. She teaches me about polarity, unity consciousness, working with group energy, higher consciousness wisdoms, and helped me tap into my channelling abilities which I use to this day.



The Call is subtle. The energy when you first arrive is subtle. And that is the power of real change, it begins subtly and then is felt over the next day and day after. As I began to bring groups to Shasta I began to notice a very different form of transformation. One that was so vast that it propelled me into incredible surges on my path. The group energy is immense and allows us to collectively work through lifetimes cycles of self worth, self-power, self-love in days. Days. And opens us up to a heart centered energy that completely radically transforms us. Our way of working at retreats is unique – we embody Spiritual Transformation and fully believe in the inner work; together with Heart Centered Love, radiating this out to all participants; and a surrender to the Divine which is guiding us all.


Every time we visit Shasta and take a group I know we have been called – not simply for our own transformation yet for much higher reasons that affect the entire planet. This is the power of the work that is being done in Shasta and will call those who are working at this level. She is a majestic channel onto the planet, pouring new consciousness for the rest of the consciousness to absorb and integrate. As we visit, we become conduits and channels for her energy, taking this into our lives and carrying out the work of the Divine, through us. And this year is especially significant with the amount of change we are experiencing, personally and collectively. This is a visit all of us on the team are looking forward to on so many levels.


It would be an honour to be your guide with other beautiful facilitators and team members on this sacred journey we take together.


Discover more here:


Vaz Sriharan, Mt Shasta Retreat Organiser & Facilitator (2011, 2014, 2016, 2018)





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  • Sacred Journeys
    Oct 8, 2017

    "The week i spent in Mt Shasta has to be one of the most magical, transformational, profound and unforgettable experiences I've ever had. I wasn't sure what to expect, but i was totally blown away by the whole experience. Not only is the place outstandingly beautiful, but the energies felt there are palpable. The team of facilitators are the most warm, heart centred people and welcome you so warmly and guide and support you throughout this incredible journey. The itinerary is fantastic, visiting some amazing sacred sites, as well as meditations, transmissions, qi gong, campfires, star gazing, healing circles, plus so many more amazing things to see and do. But there is also plenty of time to just be, to sit still and look in awe at the majestic beauty of Mt Shasta. It still is and always will be an image in my mind of absolute wonder. I met some incredible people, that i can consider my soul family, that i remain in contact with to this day and will continue to do so. The connections formed in such a magical place really do run deep. Since coming back from Mt Shasta, i have noticed so many shifts and changes in my life, all for the better. And these shifts continue to go on, aligning me to my higher purpose. So whether you need time out in a beautiful place with an amazing group of people, or whether you need a shake up of your life and total transformation, this retreat literally has it all! I would recommend this to anyone and say that its a must do for everyone! You dont know what you're missing until you go there and experience it for yourself." Sam, London, Retreat Participant Mt Shasta
  • Sacred Journeys
    Oct 4, 2017

    At the Mt Shasta retreat, I immediately felt very welcome and at home with the facilitators and other members of the group. It was a magical experience to be staying so close to Mt Shasta, right by beautiful Lake Siskiyou, immersed in nature and serene surroundings. During the retreat, we participated in meditation, healing ceremonies and rituals, visited sacred sites, danced and sang around campfires and spent time in nature. The retreat gave me an opportunity to connect deeply with myself, to let go of anything which was no longer serving me and to create intentions around what I wanted to attract more of into my life. It was wonderful to be part of such a loving community and the whole experience was soul nourishing, rejuvenating and inspiring.  After returning from Mt Shasta, I noticed an increase in the number of synchronicities in my life and I experienced an even greater sense of love, flow, ease and abundance. This positively impacted on all aspects of my life, including my work, relationships and overall well-being P, Mt Shasta Retreat Participant 2016
  • Sacred Journeys
    Oct 4, 2017

    The Sacred Journeys / LCS Mount Shasta Retreat offers a myriad of magical experiences at the Crown/Root Chakra of our beloved planet. To any spiritual seeker, a noticeable difference in peace and energy can be felt as soon as we come to close proximity of Mount Shasta. Meditations in Panther Meadows and on the top of the mountain bring deep connection to our Earth, access to High Dimensional Beings and a Cosmic Energy that can only be experienced. The whole area is regarded as Sacred by the local Native American Tribes whom often bless the spring at the Headwaters. The water is charged with the Sacred Energy of the Mountain, absolutely refreshing and re-energising. Beautiful ceremonies take place near and around the Headwaters. As a facilitator, my experience of Energy and Vibration shifted to a completely new level, I could feel a deeper understanding and connection not only to our group but to everything that I could render in my reality and imagination. The energy is subtle yet super exceptional, it takes days, weeks and even months to integrate our experiences. Our connection with our Divine Essence or Higher Self is expressed in a new way and magic seems to become the norm of daily experience. Our Group energy expands manyfold as each individual connects to their authentic selves and open their beings as transmitters of Light. Each Sacred Experience expands on each other, yet they are so powerful just on their own as well. Mount Shasta is a High Dimensional Energetic Portal, the entry point for Multidimensional Light Frequencies onto our planet. It is my space for recharge, revitalisation and connection. A space where time seems to bend, days can seem like weeks, a place where our heart opens is ways that will only be understood much later in our lives. This is definitely a Sacred Journey Aang Aakha, Previous Retreat Facilitator (2011, 2014)