Divine I AM Transmission Training
Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

The Divine I AM Crystalline Grid Transmission Training is an open, intuitive model designed and channelled by Vaz Sriharan during many years of learning, working with energy. This system allows an individual to act as a Channel to TRANSMIT energies for Healing, Transformation, Awakening, Activation.

This is an incredibly powerful system, channelled from the Lemurian civilisation, reflects our evolution with healing in general. During these times where our spiritual growth has become more relevant, more refined models of healing are available.

This particular training additionally allows each practitioner to develop their own unique transmission healing method. Essentially this is what it means to become an Intuitive Channel for Transmission energies – you are discovering – or re-discovering your skills as a Healer.

Be Activated at the Home where the Divine I AM Transmissions were birthed.

Receive attunements, activations directly on the sacred mountain at powerful portals.

  • Receive a series of Activational Attunements to attune your Higher Chakras, Physical Chakras, Physical Body with the Planetary Crystalline Light Grids.

  • Learn how to Channel using Intention & Transmit Frequencies for Healing, Transformation and Growth

  • Develop Your Unique Channelled Healing System

  • Reconnect to your Multidimensional Selves (Ancient Civilisation, Galactic heritage) through Activational Attunements

  • Participate in practical work with others to develop your own unique way of channelling

  • Learn how to offer 1-2-1 sessions &  how to hold Group space energetically & with love

Led by Divine I AM Advanced Practitioners Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

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