Ancestral Healing

Vaz Sriharan

Today we are in a time where Healing & Spiritual Growth has transformed to offer astonishing new ways to resolve and alleviate suffering. It is akin to Magic in how rapid we are healing. Yet it makes total sense with a changing consciousness and how much we are being asked to heal. Today, we have the ability to not only heal ourselves yet all vibrational lineages that we are connected with. In essence our work to heal ourselves is literally healing the collective consciousness - in all directions of time.  

Timelines What I have found most fascinating in the past two years is working with Timelines. Each of us has a past timeline that involves our Ancestral, Genetic, Karmic & Past life lineages (some of these terms mean the same of course). As many of you know, experiences from our early childhood and adolescence create a picture of the world around us. We are affected by these experiences and the conditionings of parental, environmental factors to create our own unique perspective of reality.  

A Reminder: Our Beliefs dictates our Reality  

This perspective of reality dictates the reality we live in. A child who experiences critical conditioning that females are not equal to men, will experience this as a reality in her (or his) life. Another child who is brought up with the belief that to work is a struggle, or that money never comes easy, will move into the world with this belief. As we know, it isn’t just our psychological approach to the world that affects us, it is also the Creative Manifestive force that REFLECTS the world around us.  

Our Thoughts dictate Reality  

And so most of our healing through spiritual growth is healing the causal beliefs, thoughts, patterns which then initiate great transformation for us here in the present. What is so powerful about this form of healing (which ranges across all spiritual healing, plant medicine, coaching) is that we do not need to keep revisiting the past – everything is here now for us to heal. We just need to find the causal roots because therein lies incredible wisdom, strength, compassion, forgiveness. Many of us experience this form of healing and do indeed experience fundamental change. Yet there are so many patterns that keep emerging no matter how much healing we do.  

This is because it isn’t as linear as we like to believe. I have worked predominantly with the present timeline in most of my work yet over the past few years have begun increasing this to our multidimensional framework and the results are extraordinary.  

The importance of working with the Body The body stores our emotions. Our cells store our patterns, belief systems and our DNA holds our memories. It is why people and animals instinctively know how to do things, remember things that our ancestors have done – this is how evolution works or we would have to relearn everything all over again. Did you know the DNA actually shrinks when we think of a negative emotion? (American Psychological Association Article )  

With Transmissions we work phenomenally with the body, because healing just the mind isn’t enough. We have to source and alleviate the emotional repression. Allow it to emerge. And this happens beyond the mind. Energies – of unconditional love, wisdom – travel into the body, into all layers of consciousness actually, including Mental, Emotional, Physical, Etheric (Auric), Astral, Causal and begin a transformative healing process. And we work on the DNA level, allowing spiritual healing to work in its own way. As this happens we are faced with older emotions that we may have denied, repressed, suppressed or simply do not know we harbour (Shadow). And so as they emerge we are given the opportunity to re-experience them and this time Embrace & Release them. This is why the energy of love is so critical as it creates the perfect conditions for this to occur.  

Ancestral Stories, Vows, Beliefs Our past lives, genetic lineages, ancestral stories – carry patterns, stories that we are usually totally unaware of. What did your blood ancestors dictate to themselves in the world – around Money, around Power, around Expression, around Relationships? How did they live? Did they heal these stories? More often they didn’t of course – this is why you are here. Past lives – what kind of life did you live? Were you suppressed? Did you experience great trauma around your power? When you spoke out? Did you live lives as a monk or nun and renounced Money as an evil thing? The issue we have when healing our issues again and again in this life is that we can have a strong commitment, vow, intentional command from previous lives that will continuously sabotage what we are trying to do in this moment.  

What I have found from those who have undertaken this work, as well as myself is fundamental transformation. I have had to undergo phenomenal shifts in order to first carry this work out and then to continually match the frequency that is being required by my clients. This is because of course we are always healing, and we are always evolving our relationship with the world around us.  

Many Lightworkers have immense issues with Money, Expression, Power, Relationships – due to previous incarnations and ancestral lineages around the positive/negative polarity of these concepts. I know this from my own experience having felt caged in the matrices of poverty consciousness, fear of stepping out, expressing myself, using my power - feel familiar?  

Many of us have such sabateours when it comes to these concepts. Much more than is normal for an individual who is already doing present day healing. Much of this can come from earlier vows and trauma. Additionally we attract & reflect information and individuals that support these sabotaging beliefs, easily influencing us due to deep previous ancestral conditioning that support it. Regardless of what everyone else thinks about these concepts – what do you want for yourself in your life?  

And this is what is the most important.  

What is the most appropriate healing direction to take?  

Spirit always shows the way if we are willing to surrender ALL our beliefs. There are many ways to heal these patterns and I highly recommend energy work (as well as plant medicine ceremonies, vocal/body release work, sound healing, amongst countless others) as they are going deep to the causal roots of problems and releasing the emotional energies that are there. Any spiritual work that offers a multidimensional approach will have a multidimensional transformation.  


Ancestral Healing Series: Download series I have created a series of intensive transformative Transmissions Activations around Money, Power, Expression, Relationships. Each of these hold Activational Command sessions and a specially designed Transmission & Activation to help release these core issues. These were held live in London and can be listened to here: Ancestral Series Healing Package

Many Blessings on your Sacred Journey

Ancestral Healing: Money, Expression, Power, Relationships

Vaz Sriharan

Vaz works as an Intuitive Channel, continuously evolving his connection through inner spiritual development, growth and exploration. He has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. He has been working with, exploring and practicing energy healing for nearly 20 years and is passionate about continuously evolving the way we work. Today he works in a number of fields from healing to community work.  

Founder of the London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions and author of Infinite Being.